What to look for when collecting Clade-Gravim® Trading Cards

April 17, 2020

What to look for when collecting Clade-Gravim® Trading Cards

Notes for Grading Clade-Gravim® Trading Cards (a guide for collectors)

It is recommended that you not use your collector’s trading cards for playing cards if you plan on collecting for value trading


Grading C-G Dinosaur or other Clade-Gravim® Trading Cards are no different than any other trading card. We grade our cards on a scale of 1-10 so as to coincide with most Sports card Grading Services. The scale equates closely to the following:

            10=PRISTINE   Virtually Flawless … Dino (Image) is centered, No Creasing, Crisp Focus, Perfect corners, No surface damage, Edges free of damage under magnification, No breaks in original gloss

            9.5=GEM MINT Near Perfect … Near perfect centering, No Creasing, Sharp focus, All corners and edges free of flaws, No visible surface wear, No breaks in original gloss

            9= MINT … Also near perfect centering (60-40 or better), No creasing, Very minor surface and printing imperfections, Clear gloss Sharp curves on corners, Smooth edges

            8=NEAR MINT … No creasing Minor printing defects Corners have minor fraying (not to the naked eye), minor surface spotting, relatively smooth edges, Minor breaking in gloss

            7=BELOW NEAR MINT …  6=EXCELLENT … 5-3=VERY GOOD … 2=-GOOD … 1=POOR

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