American Flag Koozie Bundle Decor 4th of July Veterans USA Stars Decal Memorial Independence

  • This American Flag Koozie Bundle is a set of American patriotic decor and Koozies, to get your patriotic party started.
  • Included in this set are 4 matching can or bottle koozies, with an American Flag design.
  • Also included is a pack of 2 patriotic bows (5 x 8 inch) with twist ties to connect them to whatever you want to decorate in your American Flag Koozie Bundle plus 4 - 4 x 6.5 inch American Flags on 10 inch poles.
  • American Flag Koozie Bundle!

This American Flag Koozie Bundle has items as follows: 4 - US Flags, 4 - can or bottle koozies, 2 - US flag bows. Enjoy this set of American Decor for any American celebration, American Flag Koozie Bundle.

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