Horned Dinosaur Trading Cards Series 4 Clade-Gravim 3- 5 Card Pk The Chasmosaurinae

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  • Horned Dinosaur Trading Cards Bundle, Series 4 Pack of 5 random cards from this set of 13 cards! Three 5 packs.
  • Each card measures 3 3/8 x 4 7/8 inches. All Clade-Gravim® Dinosaur Trading Cards are Oversized.
  • Also included is ONE check list of all thirteen cards in this Clade-Gravim® Horned Dinosaur Trading Cards Bundle, to help you keep track of what you have and what you need to complete your collection.
  • There are Thirteen total cards in this series, each pack includes FIVE cards from that series, plus the check list card.
  • Designed and printed in the USA. Copyright and Trademark.

Product Description

These cards are full of researched information including Clade- Family Tree, Era- Time believed to have existed, When and Where first discovered, Estimated Size, and at least 1 interesting observation.

This Series 4, "The Horned Dinosaur", follows the Clade Marginocephalia of the Cerapods. The Chasmosaurinae are a subfamily of the Ornithischia order.

They are "Luterio" renditions, designed exclusively for Clade-Gravim by Ed Luterio.

From the Manufacturer

From dinosaur hatching eggs to trading cards to color books Clade-Gravim produces quality dinosaur products with which to inspire the young and old. We believe our products will engage your creative mind and imagination. Hopefully they will prompt you to mix in a little research and develop your own version of what the world was like during the time of DINOSAURS. Clade-Gravim was founded in 2015 and Trademarked in 2016.

Designed and printed in the USA. Copyright and Trademark.

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