About Clade-Gravim®

Clade-Gravim®​ provides quality products at affordable prices. Our products may seem directed to the young. Our hope, however, is to bring to every age group inspiration to expand their imagination. 

 When asked by one of our grands what he wanted for Christmas he replied "DINOSAURS!" I told him he already had about a thousand dinos. He said "Papa, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY DINOSAURS," That became our motto and our family business. We, the Marhenke family, began this endeavor out of our home in Lebanon, Oregon. We developed a line of dinosaur products and trademarked them. The Clade-Gravim® brand of dinosaur products was trademarked in 2016. The trademark, Clade-Gravim® was registered in early 2017. 

 We are happy to be the originator and supplier of these fine products. We look forward to developing this line with many more products through our online stores and wholesale markets.  Please feel free to contact us through email at info@clade-gravim.com or phone 541-304-5057. We welcome any questions or interest you may have.