Big Dinosaur Hatching Egg Bundle Multi Pack Growing Dino 4 Pack Fast Hatching Clade-Gravim

  • This Fast Hatching, Clade-Gravim® Big Dinosaur Hatching Egg Bundle has 4 items.
  • One each Big Yellow, Red, Blue and Green hatching dinosaur Egg. Each hatching dinosaur egg measures 2.5 x 2 inches.
  • Inside each hatching egg is a dinosaur, in the Big Dinosaur Hatching Egg Bundle, see below in the description for dinosaur type.
  • Instructions are included in the packaging for the hatching eggs.
  • Enjoy this bundle of colored hatching, growing dinosaur eggs for your Easter Egg hunt, what a surprise this will be with this Big Dinosaur Hatching Egg Bundle.

Hatching dinosaur eggs are as follows, Yellow - Stegosaurus, Green - Brachiosaurus, Red - Triceratops, and Blue - T-Rex.

Hatching takes about an hour to hatch. After the egg hatches, the baby dinosaur will continue to grow for 72 hours or more. More instructions available on the egg package. Dinosaur egg is made of plastic and rubber with realistic designs.

These Dinosaurs do NOT stand on their own. Human mothers have been known to thread string through the baby dino so it will hang in the owner's room. They will also make great bath toys.

Clade-Gravim's motto: "You can never have too many dinosaurs". Kaiden King

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