Giant Hatching T-Rex Egg Bundle With Matching Toy Dinosaur Clade-Gravim

  • This Giant Hatching T-Rex Egg Bundle has 2 items total!
  • One Blue Giant Hatching T-Rex Egg, 4.5 x 3 inches, instructions included.
  • One Matching Toy T-Rex Dinosaur, in this Giant Hatching T-Rex Egg Bundle, giving you a toy dinosaur to play with while you watch your Giant Egg hatch and grow.
  • The Toy T-Rex measures 9 x 6 inches and is made of plastic.
  • Play with your toy T-Rex and watch your Egg hatch and grow with this Clade-Gravim® Giant Hatching T-Rex Egg Bundle!

Clade-Gravim has a new box and growing toy dinosaur for this hatching egg called the "Fast Hatch". This Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Egg, takes about 30 minutes - 10 hours or more, to crack. After the egg cracks the baby dinosaur will continue to grow for 72 hours or more. More instructions available on the box.
The toy T- Rex is made of plastic, and would be a great bath toy as well.
This Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur egg is made of plastic and rubber with realistic designs. This Dinosaur does NOT stand on it's own. Human mothers have been known to thread string through the baby dino so it will hang in the owner's room. It will also make a great bath toy.
Clade-Gravim's motto: "You can never have too many dinosaurs". Enjoy this Clade-Gravim® toy hatching dinosaur egg in this Giant Hatching T-Rex Egg Bundle!

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