Dinosaur Coloring Book Clade-Gravim® Cladogram Adult Children Original Printing

  • This Dinosaur Coloring Book is Designed by Clade-Gravim.
  • Book is 48 perforated 70# Vellum paper.
  • Dinosaur Illustrations by Ed Luterio in this Dinosaur Coloring Book, and printed in Eugene, Oregon.
  • This coloring book promotes imagination and creativity in adults and children.
  • The Cladogram is Entertaining and educational for the Adult and Children, this Dinosaur Coloring Book.

Product description

Designed by Clade-Gravim® with “Luterio” illustrated dinosaurs for ages 4 to, yes, adult. This book can entertain and teach as well. The dinosaur enthusiast will be able to express his version of a dinosaur’s coloring while learning the taxonomy of some of the most extraordinary creatures ever to live on earth. Blank cladograms of the two major orders are illustrated on pages 2 and 3 with the completed cladograms on pages 46 and 47. Questions about each individual dinosaur will captivate the young and old alike. Answers are given on several pages and on the last page. All pages are thick (70# Vellum) perforated so they can easily be removed and placed on a wall or fridge or framed for posterity. So engage your imagination and creative mind. Color with Clade-Gravim.

From the manufacturer

From dinosaur hatching eggs to trading cards to color books Clade-Gravim produces quality dinosaur products with which to inspire the young and old. We believe our products will engage your creative mind and imagination. Hopefully they will prompt you to mix in a little research and develop your own version of what the world was like during the time of DINOSAURS. Clade-Gravim was founded in 2015 and Trademarked in 2016.

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