Star Wars Hot Wheels Bundle 8 Limited Edition Diecast Cars Intergalactic Series Complete Set

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  • This Star Wars Hot Wheels Bundle has all 8 Hot Wheels Cars in this series.
  • All 8 Hot Wheels cars in the series included. 
  • From the Galactic Empire to the Rebel Alliance, with this Star Wars Hot Wheels Bundle, this series of intergalactic Hot Wheels celebrates some of the most iconic 
  • factions in the Star Wars universe.
  • It also highlights two new groups introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the evil First Order and the heroic Resistance.
  • This is a great bundle for the Star Wars Fan(atic) in your life! 

The complete set of Star Wars Intergalactic Hot Wheel Cars numbers 1-8.

The following Star Wars Hot Wheel Cars are included in the Set:
#1 JEDI ORDER - Scorcher, #2 SITH - Scoopa Di Fuego, #3 GALACTIC REPUBLIC - Impavido 1, #4 SEPARATISTS - Sinistra, #5 REBEL ALLIANCE - Enforcer, #6
GALACTIC EMPIRE - Prototype H-24, #7 RESISTANCE - Fast Felion, #8 FIRST ORDER - Ettorium.

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