Dinosaur Collectors Trading Card Game Top of The Clade - Bone Wars - Clade-Gravim® Saurischia 53 Card Starter Deck

  • This Dinosaur Collectors Trading Card Starter Deck is ready to play a basic Bone Wars Game right out of the box. Clade-Gravim® Collectible Trading Cards are randomly selected from the Saurischia Order.
  • Refine your trading card collection with cards of value and rare cards while developing a competitive tournament 60 card playing deck.
  • Form a Dino Force from your Dino Herd. Strategically prepare your T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Supersaurus, Allosaurus or other long neck or carnivore C-G Dinosaur Trading Cards, to fight your opponents.
  • Dinosaurs losing fights and battles end up in the Dinosaur Bone Pit.
  • Take your “Bone Wars” Game to a higher level by organizing Top of the Clade (TOC) tournament play.

Product description

Saurischian Starter Decks are a great way to begin your collection of Clade-Gravim® Trading Cards while learning about dinosaurs. These 52 randomly selected dinosaur cards and the rare card are official Clade-Gravim® trading cards. The kit will have at least 20 different dinosaur cards filled with beautiful graphics, scientific facts, interesting conjecture and maybe some provoking thoughts for you to entertain. Images exclusively for Clade-Gravim® by Ed Luterio.

Designed and printed in the U.S.A. Copyright and Trademark.

From the Manufacturer

Challenge your math, scientific, paleontology and critical thinking skills. Top of the Clade BONE WARS is a Collectors Trading Card Game (CTCG) designed by Clade-Gravim® to give dinosaur lovers more ways to satisfy their cravings. Collectors build their own 60 card playing deck. The CG collector’s trading cards double as playing cards players strategize when selecting a Dino Force from their Dino Herd. Fights and Battles result. Dinos are thrown into a Bone Pile. After the Bone War there is only one winner. Top of the Clade (TOC) tournaments can be organized at home or online. For the “Fearless” there is more…

Complete your competitive Bone Wars Card Deck with packs of Clade-Gravim® trading cards available in multiple series’.

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